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Different Blogs for different purposes.   Keeps life interesting Cool


Writer's Blog

Assorted postings of my writings which will include plenty of Social Commentary (confessions of a confirmed cynic), assorted Poetry, and probably even a little Fiction here and there. 

This blog was actually started in 2009, but due to an annoying website upgrade, was wiped out (a subject destined to appear as a blog entry, or two or three).  I will be restarting it soon, but due to the date issues, some of the postings may not be quite as timely as their posting date suggests. 

Writer's Blog

Ireland Blog

This blog is from my 3 month sojourn in Ireland. 

Although that phase of my life is over, I will be going back, so there will be new posts in the future. 


Fairy Bridges in Bundoran, Co. Donegal